Media Coverage

What follows is a partial list of media coverage of my security writings including reprinting, referencing, and quoting my work:


“Zlodeji, treste se!” (“Thief”)
Euro BusinessWeek.  September 24, 2007.  Pages 95-96.
For a scan of the article, see:

Security Talk:

Spoke to about 60 SIAC (Securities Industry Automation Corporation) – subsidiary of NYSE, Brooklyn, NY – April, 2004.

Research Media Coverage:

Two Good Looking Windows Security Centers: One Fake, One Real
“Fake Windows Security Center” October 17, 2008
Facebook Social Ads Going Too Far?
“Sears: Come See the Softer Side of Spyware.” Arstechnica. January 2, 2008
Researcher says Sears downloads spyware ComputerWorld. December 31, 2007
“Online Privacy’s Call to Arms” Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  January 09, 2008
“Sears/Kmart spyware scandal (and Falkirk Wheel)”
ComputerWorld. January 03, 2008.
“Spyware found in Sears online community installation”
CNet.  January 03, 2008
“Is Sears Engaging in Criminal Hacking Behavior?”
Schneier on Security.  January 03, 2008
“Researcher Accuses Sears of Spreading Spyware” Washington Post.  January 02, 2008
“Sears Installs Spware”  Slashdot.  January 03, 2008
“comScore”.  Wikipedia.
“Sears Really Has More on Your Life.” Baseline Magazine. January 07, 2008
“Sears Found to Be Using Spyware to Track Visitors.” Beta News. January 02, 2008
Sears Just Doesn’t Know What the Hell They’re Doing  Big Business Sucks.  January 5, 2008
“Sears infects customer computers with spyware” BoingBoing. January 02, 2008
“Spyware by Sears”  Broadband Reports. January 03, 2008
“My “Windows Feedback” copy of Office 2007 Ultimate just came in” Christopher Miller’s Random Thoughts. April 29, 2008
“Spyware found in Sears online community installation”  Cnet.  January 03, 2008
“Sears installs ComScore tracking software”
CertifiedBug.  December 31, 2007
“Sears’ Online Functions Under Fire.”,sears010708.article Chicago Sun-Times. January 07, 2008
“Researchers Find ISPs Inject Ads Into Web Pages.” ClickZ.  April 28, 2008
“The Seedy Side of Sears.” ClickZ. January 4, 2008
“Researchers Accuse Sears Of Distributing Spyware” The Consumerist.  January 03, 2008
“Ben Edelman on Sears Holdings Community Install” CostsPer News.  January 01, 2008
“comScore’s Missing Data: OpinionSquare, RelevantKnowledge.”
CPM Advisors.  January 03, 2008
“Sears Admits to Joining Spyware Biz.” The Daily Irrelevant.  January 02, 2008
“Computer Security at Cornell.  Cornell University CIT IT Security Office.
“Is Sears Sending Spyware to Customers?” Dark Reading. January 02, 2008
“Sears: Come See the Softer Side of Spyware”  FreeRepublic.  January 02, 2008
“Privacy Witch Hunt Goes After Sears” Direct.  January 08, 2008
“Sears Christmas Spyware Surprise” eWeek.  January 03, 2008
“FTC raps Sears for unleashing spyware on consumers” Examiner.  June 18, 2008
“Sears Installs Spyware”  The Far Traveler.  January 03, 2008
Sears and K-Mart Purposely Exposing Web Customers to Spyware
Internet Business Law Services.  January 09, 2008
“Researcher Says Sears Downloads Spyware.” InfoWorld.  January 31, 2008
“Is ComScore Trafficking In Spyware?”  InformationWeek. January 03, 2008
“The Sneaky Side of Sears?” InternetNews.  January 03, 2008
“New Year in Spyware”  MaximumPC. January 06, 2008
“Spyware Guru Charges ComScore Panelists Victimized” MediaPost. January 03, 2008
“The Sneaky Side of Sears?”  eSecurity Planet.  January 04, 2008
“The Softer Side of Spyware from Sears, Kmart”  InfoPackets.  January 09, 2008
“Sears puts customers’ buying histories on the Web”  Network World. January 04, 2008
“Spyware Found In Sears Online Community Installation” January 03, 2008
“Spyware by Sears”   MRMeval. January 05, 2008
“Sears Faces Legal Risks from Spyware Program”  NewsFactor.  January 07, 2008
“The Sears ‘Community’ Installation of ComScore.”  January 03, 2008
“Sears spyware scandal” P2PNet.  January 03, 2008
“ and Disregard Customer Privacy.” PrivacyRevolt!.  January 09, 2008
“Sears admits to joining spyware biz”  The Register.  January 03, 2008
“FTC raps Sears over website tracking software”  Research.  June 05, 2009
“Sears Online ‘Community’ Still Looks More Like Spyware Than A Community”  TechDirt.  January 02.  2008
“ Join Our Community… So We Can Spy On Your Every Online Move”  TechDirt.  December 20, 2007
“The Erosion of Personal Privacy”  Sans Institute.  March 03, 2010
“Researchers say Sears site uses ComScore to track browsing”  SC Magazine.  January 02, 2008
“Sears spyware illustrates perils of online commerce”  IT Knowledge Exchange.  January 04, 2008
“Why is Sears tracking users’ Internet activity?”  IT Knowledge Exchange.  January 04. 2008
“Sears tracks Internet users without fully telling them, group says”  Seattle Post Intelligencer.  January 08, 2008
“Researcher says Sears downloads spyware”  SecGuru.  January 1, 2008
“Sears’ Privacies Promises Broken?”  WashingtonPost.  January 03, 2008
“Sears Using Spyware to Monitor Your Personal”  Huffington Post Tech.  January 3, 2008
“Every Click You Make … Sears and Kmart Could Be Watching You”…_Sears_and_Kmart_Could_Be_Watching_You?nlid=2941&source=NLT_PRN  Computer World.  January 07, 2008
“Beware – the sneaky bots are everywhere”  Thought Leader – Mail and Guardian.  January 09, 2008
“Analysis: Sears’ threat to privacy seen”  United Press International.  January 07, 2008
“Sears in Hot Water over Privacy Issue.”
The Washington Times. January 7, 2008.
“Security Breach of the Week: Sears.”
The Wall Street Journal. January 7, 2008
“Sears Caught Spying”
MaximumPC Magazine.  March, 2008
“Why is Sears tracking users’ Internet activity?”  SecGeeks.  January 04, 2008
“Sears IT Practices Called Into Question”  InformationWeek.  January 04, 2008
“Researcher Accuses Sears of Spreading Spyware”  January 02, 2008
“Sears Customers Checking Their Computers”  Lawyers and Settlements.  February 16, 2008
FTC and Lawsuit against Sears
“Suit Alleges Sears Exposed Customer Data” ITBusinessEdge.  January 07, 2008
“FTC, Sears Settle Complaint About Web Tracking Software” MediaPost.  June 04, 2009
“Sears Data Breach Draws Lawsuit” InformationWeek.  January 07, 2008
“Sears Exposes Consumer Data, Faces $5M Lawsuit”  MediaPost. January 03, 2008
“FTC raps Sears over website tracking software”  Research.  June 05, 2009
“Sears Agrees to Settle Spyware Charge”  iStockAnalyst.  June 05, 2009
“Sears agrees to settle spyware charges.”
McClatchy-Tribune Business News, June 05,  2009
“US mega retailer settles spyware charges”  The Register. June 04, 2009
“Sears Settles FTC Charges Regarding Tracking Software”  Federal Trade Commission.  June 04, 2009
“Sears Defends Itself Against Spyware Lawsuit”  Lawyers and Settlements.  February 10, 2008
Facebook Beacon
“Facebook’s Beacon Ad System Also Tracks Non-Facebook Users”  PCWorld.  December 03, 2007
“Facebook’s Beacon Ad System Also Tracks Non-Facebook Users”  ABC News.  December 04, 2007
“Facebook’s Beacon Tracks All Users”  Internet Society – New York Chapter.  December 04, 2007
“CA Fires Another Shot Across Beacon’s Bow”  Internet News.  December 03, 2007
“Long Island Technology Briefs: December 14, 2007”  Long Island Business News.  December 14, 2007
“CA exposes sneaky Facebook tracking”  IT Wire.  December 03, 2007
“CA: Beacon’s reach extends to non-Facebook users”  MacWorld.  December 04, 2007
“More Facebook Advertisers Bail From Beacon. Plus, New Concerns.”  TechCrunch.  December 03, 2007
“Lingering Privacy Doubts Over Facebook’s Beacon”  Mike Gotta.  December 01, 2007
“Więcej kontrowersji wokół Facebook Beacon”  Internet Standard.  December 04, 2007
Imitation Microsoft product
“Infected Application Claims to be WindowsSecurityCenter”  Spam Fighter.  November 25, 2008
“FakeWindowsSecurityCenter”  October 17, 2008
“Malicious program poses as WindowsSecurityCenter”  SearchSecurity.  October 17, 2008
“Worldwide music download information campaign helps parents and teachers advise children”  International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.  April 30, 2008
“BPI backs safe and legal music downloading campaign”  British Recorded Music Industry.  April 30, 2008
“The hidden dangers of illegal downloading”  International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.  IFPI Digital Music Report 2008
“Childnet International response to BERR consultation on legislative options to address illicit Peer-to-Peer file-sharing”  Childnet International.  August 30, 2008.
Spyware Guard 2008 – Fraud Unabated
“Spyware Guard 2008 Fraud Unabated”  January 14, 2009

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