Acer Releases Patch for LunchApp.ocx vulnerability

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Published:         January 18 2007, 01:29 PM         by         Benjamin Googins

Last week the CA Security Advisory Team and other security websites reported the computer company Acer had been distributing an Active X control, LunchApp.ocx, marked “safe for scripting’, which created a vulnerability for users. Since then, Acer has released a patch that unregisters and deletes LunchApp.ocx. This has been verified by CA engineers and US-CERT and is available directly from Acer at

By: Benjamin Googins


Benjamin Googins is a senior engineer working on CA’s Anti-Spyware product. His primary functions include analyzing spyware and privacy breaches, fielding press inquiries, blogging and drafting documents. He has been a significant contributor to the User Permission document , Spyware Scorecard , Threat… Read More..

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